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“I really love growing and creating.
I can get lost in succulents!”

Introducing “the Fredericksburg succulent lady,” also known as Theresa Ballard.

At Gathered & Good we love to support other small businesses, especially those that are local and offer unique wares. Theresa is all of those.

The California transplant, who has worked in horticulture her entire career, started her succulent business soon after moving to Fredericksburg in November, 2017.

She propagates succulent plants in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. She then assembles them in interesting containers, which might be a vintage toolbox, rusty bucket, watering can, farmhouse tin, or chicken feeder. Finally she incorporates “found items” with interesting textures, such as driftwood, stones, lots of horn and antler, and even gears or horseshoes.

The result is a one-of-a-kind miniature garden, ready to take home and install as a creative focal point that complements every décor style.

“I really love growing plants and creating these arrangements,” she said. “The therapeutic thing for me is nurturing the new starts, taking little leaves and growing thousands of plants. I can get lost in doing the whole thing.”

For the client, one of the appeals of succulents is the ease of care versus common houseplants.

“First, succulents are very easy to grow and propagate. You can start new ones from a leaf or a snip. They love lots of light, and they are really forgiving as far as watering.”

For those lacking the green thumb, Theresa also gives classes on how to start, grow, and arrange plants.

She is very proud of the value she creates in her miniature motifs. She uses a proprietary propagation technique that manages the size of the roots, so she can fit up to 15 different plants into a 10-inch round container, for example. She then carefully designs the overall look, taking into account the shape and size of container and the texture of her materials.

“That’s what creates such a terrific look and makes my containers so compelling. Each one is highly stylized and different. When you take it home, there is a big ‘Wow!’ factor. You are bringing nature inside. They create novel focal points and definitely improve the quality of the living space.”

And if you can’t find an arrangement that quite fits your style, Gathered & Good, offers an ever-changing selection of containers that will spark your fancy and inspire creativity. Stop in and see for yourself.

“Each garden is unique, they are very affordable and make great gifts,” Theresa said. “Customers also find them very collectible–after they buy one they always want to get one more!”